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Euralis Semences and BASF enter into a license agreement Sunflower Clearfield Plus


Euralis Semences and BASF have announced June 13 signing a global, nonexclusive, which would give BASF company Euralis Semences license for certain countries in Europe and South America to Clearfield ® Plus Technology, based on sunflower hybrids tolerant to herbicides.

Contract allows Euralis Semences to become one of the first companies to develop hybrid seeds of herbicide tolerant Clearfield Plus new line of BASF.

The production Clearfield sunflower Plus, developed by traditional cultivation of plants provides a better control of weeds throughout the season, a good tolerance to environmental stressors all, and a potential increase in the content of The seed oil production.

Jacques Rabayrol, Euralis Semences Markets Director, said: “We are pleased to work with BASF in providing important solutions for growers to control weeds. In addition, Clearfield Production System Plus will help growers in Europe to control Lupoaia (Orobanche spp) – weed that suffocates harvest sunflower crops. ”

“Along with innovative portfolio Euralis Semences, which includes varieties of sunflower high productivity, tolerance to diseases, Clearfield Production System Plus Sunflower growers will provide a wider range of options to maximize productivity in a sustainable way, “said Jonathan Bryant, Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing Division herbicide from BASF Crop Protection.

The new line of hybrids Euralis Semences Clearfield Clearfield Plus Plus and the BASF herbicides will be available in Romania and Bulgaria in 2014, which were then followed in 2015 by other countries producing sunflower in Europe and South America.